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5 Ingredients - Quick & Easy Food

5 Ingredients - Quick & Easy Food
«Using five ingredients, cleverly combined, you'll conjure up THE most exciting food . . . from this week's episode snappy sesame seared tuna with an Asian twist - blushing in the middle and slathered in savoury, salty Japanese miso paste, a golden layer of sesame seeds on spring onions and sugar snap peas. Messy meatball buns - finger lickin' family food that's fast and loaded with flavour: super-soft buns filled with minced beef balls in green pesto, molten, melty buffalo mozzarella and juicy plum tomatoes. Jamie's irresistibly gooey, chocolate rye cookies - chunky dark chocolate, rye bread, free-range eggs and golden caster sugar for speedy home baking AND to finish, the ultimate comfort food classic, a crazily quick chicken pot pie - free-range chicken thighs, mixed mushrooms, sweet caramelised onions, fresh thyme and buttery puff pastry . . . Beautiful.».
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Новейшая книга Джейми Оливера. Вкусно и просто готовим всего из 5 ингредиентов! Язык: английский. Обложка: жесткая. Страниц - 320. Размер: 19.6 x 2.9 x 25.4 cm
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